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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Irs Form 966 Required

Instructions and Help about Can Irs Form 966 Required

Well, what's going on, everybody? It is so good to see your smiling faces once again. I hope you guys have been doing well. As you guys know, I am Mike, the CPA, and on this channel, we teach people how to be fiscally fit. We teach finances, investing, and taxes. Today's video is a tax video, and a crucial one at that. So, this is one of those tax topics that I feel really should be taught in school. But unfortunately, school does not teach it. In today's video, we're going to be covering the 2018 1040 individual income tax return filing requirements. So, if you're out there and maybe you just started working or maybe you're uncertain of what the filing requirements are, you're gonna learn what they are today. You're gonna know whether or not you actually need to file a tax return or not. Now, like I said, it's a shame that school doesn't teach this. It's really sad they don't. But hey, you know what? I should be thanking the school system for dropping the ball here. I'm teaching a very crucial life skill because it gives me more opportunity and it gives me a chance to explain this stuff to you guys over YouTube. So, what I've done, guys, is I put this Word document together for you, and it's free to download. I'm gonna have a Drop link. I'm gonna put a Drop link in the description section below the video and in the comment section of this video. So, you can find it and download it for yourself. It's completely free, no strings attached. Okay, so before we look at all the other stuff, let's start with the income. Let's explain what type of income we're talking about here on this form. So,...