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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing File Irs Form 966 Online

Instructions and Help about File Irs Form 966 Online

All right what's up everybody just really coming back to you guys once again now that we have covered a 456 as it pertains to court cases and IRS and things of that nature now we're gonna go ahead and look at you know why you have to incorporate the IRS on the public side of any court case as it pertains to your legal estate aka your name and all caps letters so under if you take a look at rule 17 what they're doing is the judge is administering your estate it forms a constructive trust and then raised their state and makes the corporate state of or process ie the prosecution beneficiary to that trust and that trust is public it's enlisted as a publication under IRS Publication 559 and the liability of the beneficiary they have to pay the income taxes on an estate because if you had a judgment ruled against you and they're favored you're responsible as a qualified here under 20 30 to 80 11 of Internal Revenue Code title 26 and produce 1099 see as well as attached with 1099 8 and I'm going to show you guys my proof of claim in which it states that the court has to file a 1099 a as well as a 1099 see this is the 2022 instructions for forms 1099 a 1099 C so we're gonna find out which it states right here you must file give me one second okay so yeah here it goes right here a court or a court administrative office because once again they're administering for that trust state in which the public it's a dead entity because it's bankrupt so they have to be bonded that's why a lot of these quirks you know they don't produce the bond as well as the w-9 form with their ein so when they don't do that you once again have to assume responsibility and incorporate IRS on the forum 3949 a for failure to report taxes because once again these people are not tax exempt and right here as you guys take a look at the tax form this is the name of the individual you know so you put the court right here as well as the address the occupation i.e the prosecution as well as the magistrate or judge and the employer taxi i am as well as the wa9 I usually always attached a w-9 form whenever I fell out wearing these forms whenever I previously had to fill out any of these forms you know as furtherance or proof of claim for their failure to report income by using the name of the estate and they're not doing that because nobody is reading anything and once again it's a shared responsibility so I just felt as if I want to bring this one forward if in case anybody was not familiar with this form 3949 a so we can go ahead and start using it and start reporting them over for tax evasion because that's essentially what they're doing they're trying to get out of the Texas responsibility and you know it's not right it's leaving a lot of people you know distraught they don't know what to do as far as handling these type of situations so go ahead and take a look at it read over the 2022 instructions for the form 1099 C as well as a read other publications associated with their such and one of the things you want to do if you are in a court case you want to go ahead and axe the prosecution for their bond under the farm tax evaluation which is under twenty thirty two a 11 of title 26 Internal Revenue Code as well as the courts tax taxpayer identification number or ein or the ein same thing essentially so go ahead and submit the form w-9 and your actual case you wanna follow that in the public side with the turqu of the courts and also if they don't produce it that's when you know you want to go ahead and do a ministry of process and give them every chance to respond that way you were exhausting your administrative level remedies before you know deciding to use Music the IRS form and reporting them for tax evasion for the estate or you can always go back and revert to you know the previous video and I'll point them under the 456 now when you're using a form 56 like I always state read the instructions that way you know what you're doing and you know why you can appoint them and how to appoint the judge because he's the one that has formed the constructive trust and is administering on behalf of the beneficiaries ie the state of or the prosecution more or less so another thing that I usually do to give the IRS the IRS my proof of claim and notice is that when I appoint them I also take the form 56 and I follow underneath miscellaneous files and the county recorders office attached with the bonds of both the prosecution as well as the judge as well as their oath of offices and you can usually get the bonds from the secretary of your state and then as well as the oath of office system so yeah with that being said that's all I got for you guys today just go ahead and take a look at the form 3949 a you know with the IRS it's the information referral I'm going to drop the links in the description box leave your thoughts comments as well as questions in the comment section everybody have a blessed day straight chillin signing out peace.

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