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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where To File Irs Form 966

Instructions and Help about Where To File Irs Form 966

4:56 why is it so important to fill out this form 56 okay so when these deputy knights crown Templar agents come against the people the errors especially if your Moors even if you're not know this that there are nine times out of ten probably European colonists without a foreign registration statement act without a anti-bribery statement act without a ein number without paying the taxes for said claim that they've created on the instrument a lot of times people are in the so-called Court venues and the question begs where is the injured party transy versus pagli arrow go and research that when i've done a video about that earlier the united states military corporation which is registered in District of Columbia are usually the private party and interest the question is in every courtroom you have to ask these pretender imposter judges and prosecutors where is the injured party and you'd like to speak to them please so you can settle the matter set it off instantly now prior to going into their venue you need to send off this notice concerning fiduciary relationship because they've claimed to be fiduciary trustees over one's estate and they're also claiming to be beneficiaries so they're collecting on the estate while you're standing there in that court venue being auctioned off without your knowledge or consent or authorization and at the same time they're collecting they want you to pay whether it's in your physical being or ever ends what have you Federal Reserve notes now for every venue or claim that they create you need to go and send this document off to the Internal Revenue Service and here's what they are supposed to be paying the taxes on those issues that they create call claims now until you send that form over to and I like the one-one-one-one Constitution Avenue which is Internal Revenue Service I think headquarters William attention Office of William J Wilkins Washington DC in parentheses 2 2 2 4 which is a zip code non-domestic without the United States you guys know that already from our other post office videos now when you're sitting in this forum I don't really fill this form out what I tend to do send an ass and even with the form and I had filled it up in the past and I put the the judges prosecutors and the police officers or the clerk's name on this document but if you've got a whole host of them you might just want to do an affidavit with a list clerk bailiff sheriff judge prosecuting any of the attorneys police officers they go on this particular form and in the affidavit you know you just write and you're not much to bring any liability issues upon this court however my my life has been placed in jeopardy I am we're being targeted and we require an advocate and the other the other line is you do not wish to be a party I always write I do not wish to be a party to any tax fraud so and if you're aware that they need to pay the taxes and you don't say anything you become culpable to that fraud so you need to state that in Iran for David to the IRS and I haven't send this off first to the IRS I'd also send off a copy to the FBI Federal Bureau investigations deputy and probably the Federal Trade Commission antitrust Department and to the governor of the state and the Securities and Exchange Commission and to the fraud department at the Department of Justice and then you would do right into the Mildred Scott doing business a sheriff for New Jersey or I think she's the one that oversees all the shares but you can research that and as they're supposed to have a bond and they're supposed to have insurance and once you send it off to the IRS and you see see this now over to the courts the police officers head office that's involved in the matter the prosecuting attorneys and all the other entities involved in the matter and as for the injured party as for the yeah I never asked for their registration their foreign registration statement act nationality either address and asked them for the anti-bribery act and asked them for their oath of office and yeah once you ask them for those those things and asked if they're deputy Knights Templar is working for the judgment folks are wrong are they crowned temple agents using your nom de guerre Strom and account surgery heiress heir to the vast estate that's for those of us where wars now known as ellonija tidal marsh American nationals so I just gave you a writ there a freebie you guys can just listen to this listen to this video over and over again like I always do and just transcribe it you could write it out and then you sign by dot John Smith all rights reserved or for Moore's it'll be queen or king lb de aller Ali all rights reserved and also known as the end legis John Smith all rights reserved and CC that now over to the Universal Postal Union the governor of the state the IRS office and the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI and any other agents and the archbishop always sent it to the archbishop in the area and the Pope I send it around the world by the time they get this stuff they don't know where their dilemma is coming from because I've already said to drown the world a couple times well probably and you know to Sara and I were saying in different videos the enemy of my enemy is my friend which has been coming to me over the past so when we're doing these things you'll start to see that you start to get a lot of the.

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