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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Irs Form 966 Instructions 2023

Instructions and Help about Why Irs Form 966 Instructions 2023

Hi char this is part one of the IRS 156 I'm doing this video as it relates to its particular form of status correction like I stated in many of my videos there are different areas and different forms and different levels of status correction depending on what's what we dealt with and who were conducting business with or who we are who we are individually contracted to you know we have many contracts with different organizations the IRS being one so this form can be used in this particular matter as far as correcting our status with the IRS when dealing with the IRS now the IRS I mean the IRS 156 is the vehicle by which you indicate to the IRS the status of any fiduciary relationships that you may be involved in you can use this form to terminate seduce your relationships your strongman is what we call you a statutory interface to the commercial world this is your stash this is your statutory interface with commercial world because it follows you everywhere you go and every time you sign up and apply for some stuff they need that number that number is the is your personal tracking device and commerce they know every time you open up a new bank account when you go to school when you plan for that financial aid when you get that job etc etc now you could not you could not abandon your strongman completely if you do that you may starve to death however if you get the liabilities of the strong man without gifting the benefits or privileges you can now smart the system if you completely abandon your strong man you will not be able to function within the commercial world you cannot therefore completely abandon straw...