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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Irs Form 966 Instructions 2022

Instructions and Help about Why Irs Form 966 Instructions 2022

Hi char this is part one of the IRS 156 I'm doing this video as it relates to its particular form of status correction like I stated in many of my videos there are different areas and different forms and different levels of status correction depending on what's what we dealt with and who were conducting business with or who we are who we are individually contracted to you know we have many contracts with different organizations the IRS being one so this form can be used in this particular matter as far as correcting our status with the IRS when dealing with the IRS now the IRS I mean the IRS 156 is the vehicle by which you indicate to the IRS the status of any fiduciary relationships that you may be involved in you can use this form to terminate seduce your relationships your strongman is what we call you a statutory interface to the commercial world this is your stash this is your statutory interface with commercial world because it follows you everywhere you go and every time you sign up and apply for some stuff they need that number that number is the is your personal tracking device and commerce they know every time you open up a new bank account when you go to school when you plan for that financial aid when you get that job etc etc now you could not you could not abandon your strongman completely if you do that you may starve to death however if you get the liabilities of the strong man without gifting the benefits or privileges you can now smart the system if you completely abandon your strong man you will not be able to function within the commercial world you cannot therefore completely abandon straw man because you you may starve to death that being said if you don't have foot if you don't have a fully functional erm number that's attached to up that's operating up under a uh a fully functional corporation that's able to operate on his own without getting validation or co-signed by the strongman social security number now once you establish a corporation that that's our debt that has re-established corporate history and its own independent line of credit for lines of credit then you are good to go you might not have that problem but until then we got to manage and maintain the straw man and use some wisely the eternal revenue code is an indirect exercise tax on the privilege of doing business as an artificial entity which is another corporation or a partnership a partnership created upon the laws of the federal but not state government in fact the term income is defined by the Constitution only as the corporate profit and this this corporation a partnership is a form of a corporation income tax on the privilege of doing business as a corporation as measured by the profits of the corporation see section five point six point five the IRS the great IRS hopes for further more details on this subject corporations corporations are citizens which which means that we are corporations because we call ourselves citizens citizens of the United States under the eternal Revenue Code the corporates are also beneficiaries of a trust the corporations are also beneficiaries of a trust what does that tell us the trust document is the Corporal is the corporate charter that created the corporation under an act of the legislation the trustees are the officers of the corporation the trust document is the corporate charter so what is the trust document the trust document been birth certificate a corporation is a citizen or resident or inhabitant of the state or country by buyer under the laws of which it was created and and of the state or country only 19 corpus juris legal cyclop dia corporation section 886 under the Internal Revenue Code a u.s. person is only is the only proper subject of the tax code and that personal and that person is the corporation that US person is defined in 26 26 section 26 United States Constitution Section 7701 also 301 point 6 up 6 109 which identifies the u.s. person as only as and it so we are classifying ourselves at as an 8 as a bank and not a he or she which reflects is related to the flesh and blood man or woman right person can either be a resident alien or a citizen residing in a territory of the United States okay section section 301 point six six 109 I talks about identifying numbers what is an identifying number that we know that we all know of social security number we can have many people with the same name is the system itself gonna get confused between who's who does assistant ever get confused between those who know because all reflects on that one number that's been assigned to you requirements of furnish once furnish one's own number u.s. persons every u.s. person who makes under under this title return statement or other document must furnish its own taxpayer identification numbers as required by the forms and the accompanying instructions so yeah we're fouling these documents in which we shouldn't be founded that obligates up it's us until the from the contracting of the strong man and this social security number which size us up to big make us liable for it for yearly taxes above the form 1040 when you file a form 1040 you I basically indicated to the government under penalty of perjury that you are either a trustee or officer of a form / eight alien corporation that resides in a federalism federal zone the form 1040 says in the upper left corner that it that it is only submitted by us individuals it says that right in the upper left-hand corner that it's only submitted this form is only submitted by us and the business.

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