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What was your most physically painful experience?
I wont go anonymous , i have guts , if i can face it i can share it too.Most physically painful experience is eveytime when someone tries to touch you without your consent. When you arent comfortable with their hand touching you any of where or their eyes just staring at your parts to grasp you, or when you feel helpless. In india, i guess every girl is harrassed or touched unwillingly at some point or the other, men find it proud to try to touch girls , why? I guess scientifically females sex hormones are more lively active than males. We dont wish to touch any guy’s dick or ass. We dont act desperate.P.s. i dated a guy for about 4 years. I was forced to get involved in a physical relationship , i wasnt comfortable. He was a psycho , mentally obessed person with getting physical and publically showing off me as his girlfriend. He didnt just shared his body with me but with million others. He just wanted to have sex , until he was relaxed. I was just a toy to him , using me and throwig me aside if i opposed then either my phn no. Was spread among people or i could see ny picture over porn site or anything could happen. I use to bleed when he use to have sex, it was so harsh i never enjoyed it , i dont know what does pleasure means or how someone’s sex life could be good. He just wanted to have his released , whether its a 2min. Meeting or 10min. It was a nightmare. I was almost raped every month. I use to be in tears and pains but it never bothered him. Things ended i am glad , i am hell out of there.Second instance, i travel in buses oftenly to my study place to my home town and humiliation faced in buses are the worst. Girls standing in a crowd and guys just finding out ways to touch them or rub their dick against their ass. What will this result in? Would it give you pleasure? How can you expect doing this and the girl wont react? She will enjoy it? Actually, she hates it and she feels helpless. She cries her heart out thinking why is she born as a girl? Why is he trying to do this to me? Is their a problem with my looks? Or dressing sense? And she prays anyhow to end the things happening around and she is quiet. She doesnt enjoys that crap. I have a piece of advice for guys out their to grow up and keep it in your pants.I suffered through many instances , recently, i was travelling from delhi to kurukshetra. A guy sat next to me , he was well dressed and was travelling to chandigarh. He folded his hands and tried to touch my boobs. I was shocked to see his behaviour, i kept my hands folded too so that he doesnt attempts to do it now , he did it again this time tried to hold my hand. I was helpless , i questioned myself i dont feel like touching him or any of the guy when i first see them , or thinks of ohh wow nice ass or i should try touching his dick. I asked him i am not comfortable please shift to the other side and soon my stop arrived and i reached my destination. I kept on questioning few of my friends that what is that difference of thinking or hormone which awakes your sexual needs so much that you feel like touching someone. Would this satisfy you? Or will this make you proud men?I donot know when will this end, go people pay and have sex donot harrasse someone as it sticks to one's mind and haunt them for life. There is alot more things in life than sex sex and sex. Keep it for your wife, soon you will have a daughter too who will face same stuff in result of your karma.Happy soul ❤
What is normal in your country but weird in the rest of the world?
In the Czech Republic, there are many things that are different from the rest of the world. Here are some:Mushrooming or mushroom picking. It’s completely normal to go for a walk into the woods and pick up mushrooms, then bring them home, clean them and cook. We have many meals with mushrooms and they’re delicious. There are special mushrooming baskets. Also, because of this, many people know a lot of mushroom species and know which are edible and which are not.Most of Czech people have cabins, cottages, these second houses where they go in the summer or over the year. They can be located in the woods, mountains, villages, anywhere really. It’s mostly people from big cities who have them. I know having a second house is a huge deal in some parts of the world, but here it’s just normal.Drinking is legal at 18, and having sexual intercourse at 15.When you enter an elevator, either in your apartment building or some offices etc, you should say ‘Dobrý den’, (good day, a greeting). It’s just polite. When you leave the elevator, you should say ‘Nashledanou• (goodbye)You can drink in public.Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries of the world, so you hardly meet someone religious. And you wouldn’t find a school that teaches Religion as a subject.You have to take tests to get to high school. If you’re not accepted to one, ehhh, it’s not good.Czech people are cheap people. They rather make their own popcorn at home and then sneak it into the cinema so they don’t have to pay for it.As a country that was invaded by the Soviet Union, most people here don’t like Russia very much. We were forced to join - yeah, not going into that history lesson. But anyway, there are still some hardcore Russia’s fans I would say, and they still want communism back. Geez.In some countries, people are nice and kind and even leave theirs door unlocked. Well, in here, what you don’t lock down somewhere, people will steal it. Pickpocketing is on daily basis. I’m even worried to take out my purse in public - not in shops, but in the street.We have all kinds of pastry, and most of all bread. This is our bread:Endless list of swear words. Idiot, kretén, debil, krypl, čurák, kokot, vůl, pitomec, kráva, slepice, koza, píča, čůza, kunda, …. A lot of them are animal names :DD And also names for women’s genitals.We don’t have big families at all.Everything that has a sticker ‘Made in the Czech Republic• is hundred percent more expensive.Czech people have very dark and dry sense of humor. I love it.Historical buildings hundreds or thousand years old are something absolutely common. For example, in Prague (the capital), you basically cannot find a street without a house or building from another century.Also, castles are everywhere. Literally.There is a huge community of Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic. Their stores are everywhere, and when you’re looking for something cheap, definetely go to a Vietnamese store. Also, when you’re underage and looking for booze, now you know where to go.We are very superstitious. Walking under stapplader brings bad luck, if a chimney-sweep touches you it’s good luck. Also don’t forget to knock on the wood when you wish for something, or it won’t happen!Beer. Like, a huge deal.Zabijačka. That’s an event when the family and friends gathers together to kill a pig, and every part of it gets used to make a meal, the fat, the blood, the knees, the snout.The presents for Christmas gives here the ‘Jesus baby’. And yeah, we celebrate it even tho we’re not Christians.The Czech language is so flexible you can easily create new words. You will hear the sentence, “Wait, is this even a word?” very often.Canoeing. Huuge deal. We call it ‘vodáctví’, and the people doing it are ‘vodáci’. In the summer, the rivers are full of canoes and kayaks.Our language is also very hard to learn. It’s the only language that has the letter ‘ř’, and we are very proud of it.Downloading tv shows, music and movies from internet for free is totally normal. I myself didn’t know it was basically illegal and a theft like until fourteen years. Also everyone watched tv shows online (not payed like Netflix, free).Like at least a half of the Czech people go to Croatia for vacation. The other half travels to Egypt.‘Riding black’. That means when you use the public transport without paying for a ticket. There are certain people, ‘revizoři’, whose job is to catch those people and give them fine.We HATE the name Czechia. Just, no.The Czech Republic is divided into Bohemia, Moravia and Slezia and Moravian people have made it pretty clear they don’t like Bohemian people and would like to have their own state. They feel unappreciated.Our president is a giant asshole. The people who support communism voted for him, and the rest of us is just asking what the fuck is wrong with this country?Everyone here is complaining how life is hard and they just ignore that they are so fucking lucky to have a roof over their head and water and food.Making jokes about old people and sales in Kaufland is just never getting old.I feel it is my duty to say this. As most of you know, the WW2 started with Hitler attacking Poland in the Autumn of 1939. But even before that, in 1938, the states of what would become the Allied knew how much power Hitler had and wanted to stop him before it could resolve into war. They made a deal with him. Oh, and what was that that Hitler wanted? Just the Sudets, the part of Czechoslovakia that was on border with Germany. Many Germans lived there and Hitler used it as an excuse for it. So, in September 1938, the Munich Agreement ( Mnichovská dohoda) was signed by Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy without us knowing anything. (Oh wait, they forced our president to sign, so he knew). The next day Slovakia annexed from us and made their own state, and we became the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. We call it the Munich betrayal - and the military alliance we had with France was obviously just a joke - and the motto is About us, without us! (O nás, bez nás!) We are still kind of angry about it.
What did you eat, only to regret it moments later?
My parents meant well. They really did.They taught me to acquire a taste for dishes that sends shivers down the spine of many weak stomach people.Pickled chicken feet. Braised cow’s stomach. Blood cake soup. And that was just the beginning.Lucky for me, I wasn’t fluent enough in Vietnamese to translate all of the name of dishes we ate into English.I was blissfully ignorant.It was like eating Vietnamese omakase in my parent’s house. I always trusted them to serve us three kids something delicious. And believe me, most of the time it was. How else would I come to love so many exotic flavors and interesting textures?As I got older I began asking more questions about the food we ate. A genuine hunger to learn more. I wanted to know what what everything was. How do you make it? What goes in it? And how does the name of the dish translate into English? I was a chef in the making after all.There were many times, however, I wished I hadn’t asked anything.Like the time we ate boiled duck eggs.I loved boiled duck eggs. I loved how big, rich and creamy the yolk was compared to the smaller chicken egg. A sprinkle of flaky salt and coarsely ground pepper. That was all you needed to savor the superior buttery flavor.What made my family’s preparation interesting was the broth my Dad prepared to simmer the duck eggs. A slug of fish sauce, a nugget of rock sugar and a few rough slices of ginger. The eggs would poach slowly in the broth, cooked much longer than your classic boiled chicken egg. After some time, some of that flavorful liquid would seep behind the shell and what becomes of it can only be described as the most sublime duck consomme in the world.It was the best part. And on evenings like tonight, I never held back.“It’s almost ready.” My Dad taunted us loudly from the kitchen. That was our cue to appear from behind our bedroom doors. Mom herded us towards the dining room.It was the first time I noticed that whenever we ate this, we didn’t sit in the living room, around the coffee table. We sat in the dining room. That was not like my family.Mom started laying out the usual un-read newspaper to protect the table from the mountain of shells that we inevitably build. She brought out small teaspoons and tea cups that were used to cradle the warm eggs.Dad arrived at the table to set down a pot filled with about 3 dozen floating duck eggs. The smell of juicy ginger and funky fish sauce wafted through the air. I could practically hear my mouth water.Mom returned to the table with a mixture of salt and pepper and a stack of napkins. Right as she sat down, her arms reached out and dimmed the lights. The mood was set just like the Vietnamese people that set up shop along the streets in the middle of the night. Hawking them to hungry diners that make their way home after a raucous night out.But this time,when the lights fell, everything felt different. Omnious.“Mom,” I called to her in between peeling back the shell and clearing the liquid out of the way revealing the yolk,”What are we eating?”“Duck eggs.”“Yeah, but why do they look like this?” I poked my spoon around a little uneasy of what was underneath all the broth.“Just eat it.”I was onto something. I could see it in her knowing look. Still, I pushed back my paranoia and went in for a large spoonful making sure I got a good bite of yolk. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper, stuffed a leaf of Vietnamese coriander into my mouth and chewed.I slowed down. Took another bite like I was tasting for gold. I carefully chewed again.It was the same crunchy sensation, but I knew it wasn’t an egg shell. Why was this boiled egg crunchy?My eyes widened as I looked to my Mom. My mouth now empty.“Mom? “ This time more tense. “What are we eating?” I started to inspect the inside of the egg a little more closely. Squinting. I was starting to become suspicious.She stood up. Let out a sigh. Pushed the light dimmer all the way up.There it was. Looking back at me was a tiny beak. And a tiny head. And a tiny body. And tiny wings. I began involuntarily retching. I never wanted to purged something from my stomach so desperately.She dimmed the lights again and went back to her egg. Her and Dad completely undisturbed.We were eating trung vit lon, also known to many as balut. A delicacy of a boiled developing duck embryo. And I was crunching the fragile little bones between my teeth.I could have gone on for a lot longer not knowing what that was. A lot longer. Before that fateful night, I never cared to know what I had been eating.But it was already too late. As parents, their mission was already complete.I finally discovered the truth, what I had been actually eating all this time and I actually enjoyed myself.See More of My Culinary-Inclined LifeSign Up to Get a First Look at My New Website, http://noonatnathaniels.comRead More: What are ten dishes every person should how to cook before they turn 30?Learn More About Food & Cooking From Me!
Is it practical to have manned spacecrafts completely filled with fluid? Wouldn't this be healthier in the long run compared with zero-gravity?
No.In the past, liquid filled launch vehicles were postulated as a way to protect crew from extreme G-force during launch. But it turned out that humans can withstand well over ten Gs, on their back in a properly contoured couch. That’s about as much as you’d ever want to expose the hardware to, and the liquid would add a tremendous amount of mass, so no, we would never want to do that.Once in space, liquid would serve no purpose except to get in the way. In principle, we can breathe oxygenated chlorofluorocarbon emulsion, but:It’s thick, and would be exhausting to breathe for any length of time.It would hurt like hell. This is drowning without dying from it. Some of our most powerful reflexes are to prevent drowning. This would not be fun.The emulsion would weigh many times more than air. It would have to be taken into space, and would require more fuel for every maneuver.You’d still need an airlock to go EVA.Who knows what effect long term immersion would have on the body and the body’s defenses against bacteria and fungi. Bad idea.In space, it’s the lack of load on the long bones that causes bone loss. A liquid environment would not help.On the plus side, the emulsion might inhibit fire. Since it conducts heat far, far better than air, it might make it harder for fire to propagate. On the other hand, how exactly would you fight a fire if one got started—even as a smolder? (My father in law once fought a smoldering fire in the oxygen starved environment of a depressurized B-52 cabin for hours).No. Unless you needed a ship to undergo tremendous acceleration, you’d never want to fill it with liquid.
What is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen in your life?
I suppose this depends upon your definition of disgusting. I have thought about this and I have not decided what the most “disgusting” thing I have ever seen in my life happened to be, but I do have a “disgusting” story.When I was in college I would often hitch hike home for a visit on the weekend since I didn’t have the $2.87 it cost to take the bus. I would leave at around two or three and be home by seven, a trip, which by car, took about an hour. The trip had many legs and depended upon where the drivers were headed. I went to Fitchburg State College, about 50 miles from home and I would hitch hike the first leg from the college to Route 2. That was often easy - many college students recognized me and picked me up. At Route 2 I would stand with my thumb out near the State Police barracks hoping they wouldn’t stop me - hitch hiking on the highway is illegal. But they passed me by without a word. Eventually a car would stop and I would get to Rte 95, often near the Mass Pike. There cars would roar by at great speed and it was far more difficult to get a ride. Even people who might want to pick me up were reluctant to stop along a busy four lane highway.It so happened that one day at the spot where I always stood at the Mass Pike there was the body of a dead dog. Apparently he tried to cross the highway and didn’t make it I felt badly for him. But as soon as I got picked up, I forgot about the carcass - until the following week when I was out there again. Only a week hadn’t done his body any good. He was covered with maggots and ants and bugs and it was truly disgusting to look at him as I stood in the only safe spot where I could be picked up.Every week I stood at that spot and watched his further deterioration. It was at first disgusting and odor lasted long after I got in the car with whomever picked me up. After awhile I kind of looked forward to see what kind of decay had set in over the previous week. Soon his skin opened up and his bones showed through. By then most of the bugs had carried off whatever was interesting to them and he was not much more than rotting skin, fading fur and protruding bones. The exposure to the elements helped the process along but it was a long, long while before only his bones and some ragged fur remained. Eventually the snow and plow removed even that. But for many months after the ground was stained with a black spot where his body had lain, in the shape of a dog.Later I learned that there are “body farms” around the nation where human bodies, in various or no clothing, are lined up and allowed to rot while scientists check them periodically to see what happens. This type of research is good for forensics and disease resarch and even entymology. But for me, learning about this only brought about a wry smile as I remembered the maggot-covered soup the dog had become in the first week. It was truly disgusting - but interesting too, and I guess you can get used to anything over time.
I am a BTech (CSE) graduate from India (Gujarat). How do I apply for an MS program in the USA?
Start your preparation by at least 18 months earlier to your intended semester. You can follow these steps:Take a sample GRE test (Most preferably power prep I). If you score a total of 300 for example, then you can guess your final score to be in between 315-320.Then analyze your profile (take a note of all research papers you published, going to publish and project work).Go through the similar profiles in Stupidsid.com or Edulix and short some universities (around 4 univs).Then start preparing for GRE and make sure you reach your target of 315. After the exam is done, select the 4 universities you shortlisted for Educational Testing Service (ETS) to report your scores to (by this way of selecting universities beforehand, you can save $100 here).Apply for TOEFL or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and prepare to get the minimum score required by your department in the universities selected. (with TOEFL of IELTS • British Council you can save $72 by selecting universities beforehand)After you are done with these exams, start preparing your SOP. At the same time, reach out to your professors asking for recommendation letters. Help them prepare recommendation letters on your behalf. Also get the required no.of sets of transcripts from your university.Once you are okay with SOP and required LORs, open the university website and fill out the online application. After completing this application, you'll be required to upload scanned copies of mark sheets.Complete the online application, pay the application fee, wait for university to send a mail with student id and finally courier the transcripts to those universities (Make sure you mention your student id on top of the cover).Wait for university to mail its decision.If accepted, they'll ask you to send bank statement showing liquid assets amounting to 1 year of expenses you are going to spend in that university along with affidavit of support (link to this affidavit will be sent to you in the acceptance mail) and also they'll ask you to get some vaccinations done.After approving your bank statement, they'll send you the I20.On receiving I20, pay your SEVIS fee and apply for F-1 Student Visas (US).Once your visa is approved, you are free to go.I guess, I have covered all the steps here. If needed further clarifications, you are free to pm me.All the Best.Edit1: sorry guys your have to start your preparation before 18 months, not 1 year.
What are some amazing psychology and mind tricks?
Here's a great little mind trick to get people to agree with you.The Scientifically-Proven Method For Getting People To Say "Yes" :It's called the Yes-Ladder - a technique you can use for getting agreement to all kinds of things, provided you know what you're doing and know how to make a semi-compelling argument.It works in many fields - from marketing and sales to even something like dating and seduction.Here's a good example from marketing: *picture by Vinh.Co And you can continue from there - the person is hooked.The trick is to start with something you know they'll say yes to.Then you can follow up with something that's difficult to say no to. Then you can either ask about their preferences or ask more clarifying questions to solidify a yes. Finally, ask the thing you really wanted to ask, and you'll most likely get a Yes to that as well.Here's an example from dating:“Are you spontaneous?" Yes"Are you an adventurous person?" Sure"Have you ever done anything that was a little crazy?" Yeah!"Have you ever made out with someone you just met?" I think so!"Wouldn’t you regret it if you didn’t?” Probably..."Do you have some free time during the week?" Yeah"Wanna go grab a drink?" Sure!And you got yourself a date :)(These questions are a random example, there can be a thousand different ones)For those interested in how it works - here's the Science behind this mind trick:The brain has an emotional feedback loop that causes you to seek out sensation and stimulation that will keep you feeling however you're feeling right now, either good or bad, and avoid anything that will make you feel different. That even applies to saying "yes" and "no."There is a study called "Better think before agreeing twice - Mere agreement: A similarity-based persuasion mechanism," published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing in 2022. which states:"The present paper shows that the frequency of people's compliance with a request can be substantially increased if the requester first gets them to agree with a series of statements unrelated to the request but selected to induce agreement. We label this effect the ‘mere-agreement effect• and present a two-step similarity-based mechanism to explain it.Across five studies, we show that induced mere agreement subtly causes respondents to view the presenter of the statements as similar to themselves, which in turn increases the frequency compliance with a request from that same person. We support the similarity explanation by showing that the effect of agreement on compliance is suppressed when agreement is induced to indicate dissimilarity with the interviewer, when the request is made by some other person, and when the artificially high level of agreement is made salient. We also validate the practical relevance of the mere-agreement persuasion technique in a field study. We discuss how the mere-agreement effect can be broadly used as a tool to increase cooperation and be readily implemented in marketing interactions."Pretty amazing, right?The fact that you've gotten someone to agree with you on several statements in a row makes them significantly more likely to agree with your next statement, even if it's entirely unrelated to those previous ones.Feel like a Jedi yet? :)This doesn't necessarily have to be only about selling something or dating.For example, let's say you have a friend who wants you to help him paint his house.When he meets and talks to you, if he leads the conversation in the right direction, asking you certain questions that get a lot of affirmative answers - you are more likely going to agree to his request to help him paint his house, when he asks this of you later.Don't take the examples too literally, think outside the box and imagine all the other possibilities.If you enjoy my posts or want solid dating advice, check out my profile or follow me on Quora!Peace!
What's the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?
When I was in high school I had a friend who told me her parents were verbally and physically abusive towards her and each other and were threatening to kick her out of the house when she turned 18. She was a very nice girl who was seemingly intelligent that I had been friend with for about a year and my parents had met and liked. I asked my parents if she could come live with us if her parents did actually kick her out. After a week of thinking they eventually agreed that her situation was a bad one and we would be happy to help her out. We did not have a spare bedroom in our house so if she was going to stay with us for the remainder of her senior year she would have to stay in my room. Because we were so up close and personal my family got to see her do some really strange and confusing things.One strange thing she did was put her HOT curling and straightening irons directly on the pillows on my bed while she was using them. One day when I was making my bed I flipped over one of my pillows and it has burn marks all over the back side. I told her that i’d rather she curled her hair in the bathroom and then my mom asked me why there were burn marks on our washcloths. When we confronted her about the pillows and the washcloths she said that she was afraid she would burn our counter tops and my bedside table (which was metal…). So instead she decided to put hot flat/curling irons on pillows and washcloths between grabbing pieces of hair?Although there were many many other things she did that ultimately caused my parents to ask her to move a month into her stay, there was one thing that really weirded me out. When she moved in one of the only things I asked of her was that she didn't wear my clothes. I am allergic to almost every detergent so I had to use a different detergent than my other family members and I wanted to prevent possible rash breakouts. I didn't borrow her clothes, she didn't borrow mine. To avoid having to spend extra time in the morning getting ready I would almost always put out the clothing I was planning on wearing the next day. She would get up and leave earlier than I did every morning to go to a club activity before school. When I would get up 30 minutes later all or most of the clothing I would lay out would be gone. When I got to school she would be wearing the clothes I had put out, down to the underwear and bra. Even after I asked her to stop, any time I put clothes out to wear, whether it be the night before or a couple mins before a shower, she would take ONLY the underwear I had chosen and wear it that day. I have always wondered why she chose to continuously take and wear my clean underwear/bras when she had just as many pairs and even bought herself some multiple times during her short stay with us. I was left utterly disgusted.
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