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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Corporate dissolution resolution sample

Instructions and Help about Corporate dissolution resolution sample

So we know how to open a company have you actually closed a company like let's say yeah I'll see you know working on that anymore whatever you have to pay taxes on it to the government they cannot do anything and how do you do you just close it that was the process thing with an LLC or corporation you typically have to begin by like a shareholder remember resolution to close you then have what's called a winding up process where you see debts that the company owes to outside vendors debts that the company owes to shareholders or members distributions that are due to shareholders and members and you could do that yourself or typically you'd hire like an accountant or somebody to to kind of do what's good like a true up to see where things stand who gets what how much is owed and then you would there's a is a at least in New York State you do have to file a dissolution with the state in order to kind of essentially close it out take it off the books make it inactive because technically speaking if you are a corporation in New York State you could never do any business no costs no revenue nothing there is a minimum tax that you're going to have to pay or that that the company will have to pay as long as it's still in existence so you know as a practical matter people in companies all the time and just walk away and it just sits there and eventually what will happen is is the state at least if again at least in New York State the state will render it inactive and dissolved by law at which point it just goes away but in order to do it so you don't owe anything after the dissolution you have to file that paper with the with the state secretary of state which is the same place that you filed the papers to start calibration right hi there this video is just one lecture from Steve's and I fool business law course where you will learn business registration trademarks patents things like that firing and hiring online privacy all things like that there's three or four hours in that full course of content and I'll have the link with the discount coupon in to the full course in the description of this video so that if you're curious to learn more you can simply go there and browse the list of lectures so that you can see for yourself if it's something that's interesting for you so hope you enjoyed it and now check out the description of this video to get them to see the link to the full course.

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