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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Section 331

Instructions and Help about Section 331

Oh hey there I was contacted by a viewer from Singapore and he very graciously sent me four pens and today we'll look at one of those pens and that is no other than the winged Sun three three one it's this pen it's small it's pinkish and it's very fascinating I'm going to cover the parts of the Panther what I like about it what I don't like about it now new writing sounds but first of all thanks for sending me this pen I enjoy okay and these pens these are not super expensive pens so you have to bear that in mind when you assess what it's like but I think this is a pretty fun funny pen that actually has some interesting things going for it so first of all let's start at the finial of the cap right there see it's nice rounded then you have a plastic clip always be careful with plastic Clips because they can't snap off and then you have a seafood cap which i think is pretty cool feature then you have this barrel and then at the end there's a little breather hole so you cannot actually convert this pen to an eyedropper for those of you who were wondering as I said plastic clip always be careful you can break these things off and you know you can also just pull them off Chinese and the Chinese pants this these are not particularly expensive for these kinds of things are to be expected you uncapped the pen by just clicking off the cap yes you can force it which is a good thing because otherwise for me this would not be very usable so when you post it you get a decently sized pan a very fascinating section I must say again a very pink with a nib that has no breather hole and a nice little interesting shape very flat feed as you can see not flat feet because a pen doesn't have feet but a feed and on there there is a little symbol I have no idea what it means I don't even know it means anything like it's just a wing some mobile the pen is filled with an arrow metric conversion and good thing about the conversion is that it reminds you that to use this pen you should be lucky which is kind of nice they convert huh can be pulled couch it has a standard international nipple which is nice if you want to use this on another pant make sure to put that all the way back in there again and because it's a narrow metric you don't want this somehow drawn vacuum because you operate this by squeezing that bond and ink might actually squirt out a sort of sack and then it gets compressed and then when you let go of it off the bar then it will draw up ink because it you know it draws.

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